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Hello there! I’m Giusy (read dʒuzi), an Italian young professional 🙂

After earning a BA in Intercultural Communication and a MA in International Relations, I’ve gained experiences in IT, sustainability, and diversity and inclusion (DEI). Currently, I work as an Institutional Communication and International Relations Specialist. You can read more about my whereabouts here.

While this is my primary job function by day, in my free time you’d find me playing my guitar, biking, doing yoga, learning the nth foreign language and writing short stories or posts on my blog.


This is a personal blog. I’m not a scientist, nor a psychologist, and not even a coach. I’m a genuine observer who draws non-prescriptive conclusions from such a process. Therefore, the content you’ll find on this blog is obviously based on my own experience, ideas, opinions, observations, analyses, perspectives. The goal is not to force anyone to adhere to them, only to provide some food for thought that may ideally spur more reflections on given matters. A drop in the ocean, hopefully concurring to make that ocean more watery and blue (just to stick to the environmental semantic area ????).

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